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>> shepard: brand new trouble for toyota. now word of an email before the vehicle recall and it is revealing. plus, new developments in the race to save the miners. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> coal mine something a way of life for our families around here. >> shepard: when disaster strikes, folks here pull together. >> these are very, very strong people. >> shepard: crews have drilled. >> they cut through 1,093 feet. >> they have signaled. >> we banged on the pipe for 15 minutes or so. >> shepard: and all the while families have waited for news. >> it's just a sad situation. >> shepard: tonight, the latest development in the disaster at the mine. plus, leader vs. leader.
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tonight, reports of a simmering feud between president obama and the afghan president harmid karzai. all of this while tens of thousands of american troops are over there fighting a war first from fox this wednesday night, coal mining, it's connected to each and every one of us across this great nation. according to government accounts, half of the electricity we use in this country comes from coal and everyee year we pay for it with the lives of 30. today in montcoal officials reported poison gas levels at the site of the mine disaster are still so high they can't even send rescue teams to look for the four missing workers. those miners still the only ones still unaccounted for at the explosion at the big branch, the upper big branch mine killed 25 people on monday. we now have our first look at the site where the teams have been drilling. long ventilation tunnels and
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using machines to draw poison gases from the mine. >> what we have done is put an exhausting fan on that hole so we can take air readings the american of quality of the air that's down in the mine. >> what you have learned so far? >> so far we don't have any final quantity levels but we are seeing some higher levels of methane and c.o. >> shepard: as it turns out c.o. or carbon monoxide levels were so high they were affecting the crew members at that site. still those workers pressed forward. we don't know exactly how long it will take before the air is safe, but, once it is, we are told it could take less than two hours for rescue crews to reach any possible survivors. the miners, friends, and family members can do nothing but wait. >> i'm hoping he is back in there somewhere in a safe place. >> praying for the best? >> praying for the best, yes. >> shepard: just about everyone admits the chance for someone surviving is very slim now. as long as that chance does
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exist, nobody is giving up and nobody's going home. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live on scene. jonathan? >> shep, as the rescue effort progresses painstakingly slowly, there is new and growing concern tonight over the safety record of massey energy, the company that runs that mine. although in an area largely owned by that company, finding those brave enough to go public with their concerns is anything but easy. many people in these tiny communities that run the length of this valley seem too scared to talk about safety issues, to criticize the company upon whom so many are dependent for work. sitting on her porch we found tammy alive who has many family members in the mining industry and who was not afraid to speak out. >> it's not safe. you know, they had all of these violations up there.
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the almighty dollar is not going to get to you heaven and honestly massey should have got off his ass and done something. we wouldn't have lost 25. >> wouldn't have lost 25 if the company would have done more. >> to make it safer for the men, yeah. >> i spoke to don blankenship who runs and owns massey energy yesterday. he says he runs the safest mines in the region. what do you say to that? >> honestly? [bleep] that's [bleep] >> and that sort of anger is likely to increase still further if those four missing miners are not brought out alive sometime in the next critical 48 hours. four more deaths, shep, would only add to the growing feeling in this valley that massey energy is a company that has long put profits over safety.
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shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt, thanks, a news conference scheduled within the hour. we will have coverage. the president of afghanistan is now backing away from reports that he threatened to join the taliban. a spokesman for harmid karzai now denies the afghan leader told a group of lawmakers he might team up with the militant group if foreign allies continue to pressure him. the white house described those remarks as troubling. foreign analysts tell us the political relationship between the united states and karzai has become strained of late. after reports of fraud in afghanistan's presidential election. so what does this do to the coalition's military operation? mike emanuel is at the pentagon tonight. mike, what does the defense department make of all of this? >> well, shep, people i have spoken with say actions are more important than words. and so far karzai's government's cooperation has been quite good across the river at the state department, spokesman p.j. crowley today tried to ease. so tension. >> we have the same strategic
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goals. we have the same objectives as the -- as the afghan government does. we want to see it developing. we want to see it take the lead. >> bottom line, if the united states wants to get out of afghanistan, it is important for karzai and the institutions of the afghan government to step up and do well, shep. >> shepard: you know, it's always been important to learn how well the afghan troops are stepping up. what's the word? >> well, that's a question i asked every person in uniform has been to afghanistan. they say the afghan troops are good fighters. they are willing to get into the battle. what they lack is education. what they lack is coordination. they lack sophistication. bottom line, developing a professional military takes time, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel live from the pentagon tonight. mike, thank you. president obama is about to leave for praagh in the czech republic where he will be signing a new nuclear treaty. spark agreement that expired last year and cuts the number of nukes in each country's arsenal
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by a third. just yesterday president obama announced new limits on when the united states can use atomic weapons. and next week he is hosting a nuclear summit in d.c. it's all part of his goal to eventually live in a world without nukes. as ronald reagan once pined for. and in the meantime, keep them out of the hands of terrorists not to mention iran and north korea. senior white house correspondent major garrett is live in the czech prub tonight, major. so they are cutting nukes by a third by the u.s. and russia still have enough to wipe everybody off the planet, right? >> that's right, shepard. much more than enough to obliterate the world many times over. show you pretty pictures of dmitry medvedev. he later sad -- sat down. we are cutting from 2200 to 1550 warheads on both sides just remember this though, in the way
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that arm control agreements are negotiated like this one. there is a certain peculiar later to the way they are counted. 20 nuclear bombs count under this treaty shepard as one war head. it will be easier than meets the eye for both sides to comply with this treaty. here is one expert explaining the approaches united states and russia took to this new deal. >> i think what's important about the numbers is they are not very dramatic neither president wanted to take the step of drastically slashing that strategic nuclear arsenals. what they wanted to do was come down in a little bit in a way that keeps the process of arms control alive. >> shepard, here is one of the behind the scenes complications for this treaty. both sides very weary of missile defense practices of the united states.
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the united states wanted to keep their independence. that issue finesse for now subject to negotiations if there is ever going to be another arms reduction treaty. >> shepard: how much have things changed between the united states and russia as relates to that situation. >> we will find out more about the relationship with iran as the conversation with the united nations continues on potential sanctions. what we do know is this, shepard, this treaty is the result of four face to face meetings between the two presidents obama and medvedev. nine separate phone conversations. clear russianst are acting more in concert dealing with iran and bilateral issues. here is one expert's take. >> you have got to remember when the obama administration took office in january of 2009, you know, after this is a five, six months after the war in georgia, the u.s.-russian relationship was at its all-time low. this is an important element of their multiprong strategy to improve relations with russia.
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so it's essential that they have it. >> and the united states and russia with the symbolic and all together very real signing of this nuclear arms reduction treaty tomorrow, shepard, believe that they have now cemented something they started a year ago which as the united states called it was a reset in these relations. >> shepard: marriage gator in praagh. well, the earthquake news was just breaking this time last night. and now we are seeing pictures from indonesian after a major tim bler struck. one of the after shocks caught on tape. plus, first there was somebody known as jihad jane. now another american woman is in court and she is facing charges of plotting with the terrorists and her own lawyer slap as gag order on her. we are live at the courthouse with the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report."
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>> shepard: there are brand new signs tonight that the toyota
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motor company was very well aware of problems with accelerators in its vehicles before it launched a huge recall earlier this year this new information comes from the associated press and our corporate cousins at the "wall street journal." both organizations report a now retired toyota executives wrote an email an internal email indicating the company needed to clean up its own problems or own up to them. the automaker had recalled millions of cars in the last several months. the company says it is repairing accelerator systems that can cause vehicles to speed out of control. our senior correspondent eric shawn is working this story from new york. what do we know about this email, eric? >> shep, they come from one of toyota's top american officials. a veteran of 30 years. and tonight, the words of irv miller in an email may now haunt the troubled car maker. he first started with toyota in 1980, in charge with public relations and environment and public affairs. five days before the recall in january, he wrote the following words, on january 16th about the
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accelerator problems. quote. he wrote, we need to come clean. he also said that time to hide on this one is over. he also warned to his bosses, quote, we are not protecting our customers by keeping this quiet. sudden acceleration problems have been linked by the government to 52 deaths. of course, that led to the recall of 6 million toyota cars and products in this country. one former toyota lawyer also blamed toyota saying that the company ignored this type of problem to try and save money. toyota has said though it has always tried to respond to these issues. >> shepard: that's the word on the internal memo or email. what about the federal government which i'm told now has new criticism for toyota? >> yeah. that criticism came from basically the top ray la hood. he is the transportation secretary in the obama administration. some stinging words from toyota from la hood today quote, safety deaf. he said they made a huge mistake by not disclosing the problems sooner. turns out they say the problems
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were known in september but toyota waited four months until january to issue that recall. they now face a 16-million-dollar fine from the government, shep. that is a record. the largest ever for a car company. toyota has said that it makes safe and reliable cars that it is responding to consumers with honesty and integrity but, shepard, government investigators now have more than 70,000 toyota documents in their possession so likely we will hear more memos and emails coming out about what toyota was doing or not doing about the acceleration problem. >> shepard: eric shawn live in new york tonight. thanks. now to homegrown terrorism. she is an american mom with another baby on the way tonight. but prosecutors say she went to europe last year with her young son to join a terror training camp. she is 31-year-old jamie paulin ramirez. today she pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiring to help the terrorists. the judge refused to allow her out on bail and actually her team cooperated with that
7:17 pm
understanding. the feds say another american woman who called herself jihad jane online invited this woman ramirez to the training camp. colleen la rose has pleaded not guilty to plotting to kill a swedish cartoonist. catherine herridge is outside the courthouse where this went down today. >> i was five yards from ramirez. a tall woman about 5'9", 510 with long blond hair. she had a blank look and hands cuffed behind her. her lawyer interrupted and said to the judge can my client just shake her said side to side as a no gesture a not guilty. he said that he was concerned that the government evidence against her contained voice mail messages and he didn't want his client's voice recorded on audiotape that they keep in the courtroom. they don't have cameras. so they have an audio version of what happened in the proceedings, shep.
7:18 pm
>> shepard: catherine, you spoke earlier, he came back to this country willingly to prove her innocence it kind of sounds like she might be cooperating here. >> well, what the lawyer said to us today is that she understood that there were charges against her and she could have fought extradition back to the united states from ireland but she chose not to. >> she is extremely extremely distraught. troubled, worried. one thing she did do was upon learning that there was an indictment outstanding, charges outstanding she chose not to fly to any other country other than her home, the united states of america. >> and we also confirm today to her attorney that ramirez is three months pregnant. while she was oversees, it's alleged that she married an nigerian national unindicted coconspirator tore in the case. separately, ramirez has a 6-year-old son. she brought him back from ireland to the u.s. last week. he is being cared for by the
7:19 pm
state right now. they are having to determine how much needless he-to-say he will not be visiting her in jail at this time, shep. >> catherine herridge outside the courthouse in philly. thank you. now the story of a man who seemed to be absolutely heart broken. his wife and children were missing. he gave an emotional news conference, begging his wife to come home. and then the next thing you know, police charged him with murder. how eerie surveillance video cracked this case. and why the cops say her violent death was no accident at all. we will show you the video. and we'll hear from him. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary. we make them better... ♪ to make your life better.
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>> shepard: it was hard, really, to even imagine the pain this next man was feeling, the one over here. his wife and children had disappeared.
7:23 pm
he was beside himself with concern. so he got in front of the camera, shed plenty of tears and begged his missing wife to come home. it was heart-breaking. until the very next day when prosecutors charged him with her murder. and released video that they say shows him trying to dispose of her body. this is the victim, along with their two sons. she disappeared last month after dropping them off at school. and here is what her husband said on monday. [sniffling] >> you please come home. she loved her kids very well, very much so. that i do know that fact. she loves her kids. she is a good mother. she is very good mother. >> shepard: she was until cops say he killed her. investigators say they suspected even at that very moment that he was lying and the next day they found the wife's body inside a car in a lake and they got this
7:24 pm
surveillance video. look closely. they say it shows a man who looks like the husband pushing the car into the water. but not before pulling a bicycle out of the trunk. see there. that's the bicycle on which they say he would pedal away after sending his wife off to a watery grave. steve harrigan with the news live in our florida newsroom tonight. the coroner's report shows this woman died a very violent death. >> shepard, some new details coming out from that report. this murder of 41-year-old woman not only premeditated but very violent as well. the coroner says she was struck to the head with a heavy blunt instrument several times caving in part of her skull. she was dead long before her body hit the water in her car. 30 feet below the surface of the water. divers found a plastic bag tied around her head so asphyxiation could have contributed to that death as well.
7:25 pm
premeditated but also violent as well. shepard. >> shepard: as the cops describe this reuse that they say the husband was carrying out, they tell us they were suspicious of him all the while. >> shepard, certainly that acting job in front of the camera did not fool the police. this man was in their crosshairs all the way, really enough so that two policemen on their day off went around his work place, one even using a personal fishing boat to look for the car. they found a hole in the fence where the car was pushed in. that's where they came across that surveillance video from a building enabling them to put two and two together. just two days after speaking, crying in front of the cameras, he was before a judge this morning stone silent charged with first degree murder. >> now those kids without either parent. steve harrigan in florida newsroom. thank you. the people of indonesian are breathing easier tonight after a major earthquake rattled the region last night. the news first broke during this program. it was a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that shook the
7:26 pm
country's northwest island of sumatra, just before dawn local time. take a look at the video. shot is a series of smaller after shocks followed the initial rumble. indonesian's president report the country escaped significant damage and injuries were limited. the quake did, however, trigger a power blackout. officials cancelled tsunami alerts for indonesian and nearby thailand and that lash sexual harassment sumatra is an important supplier of rubber plus palm oil and liquified natural gas. would anybody like to borrow some money? it seems more and more americans are deciding against it these days. and that could be a very troubling sign for economic recovery. details context and progressive straight away. this is not the way to get a free bus transfer. we'll explain what started this whole thing and we'll show you how it ended. no kicking faces now. that's next. my new job at the ry
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>> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is to the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. rescue teams still waiting for the go ahead to search a west virginia coal mine for four missing workers. and as they wait, we are learning federal safety officials cited that mine for two violations on the very day the explosion killed at least 25 miners there. one of the violations for an improper cable splice and the other, the other was for inadequate maps of escape
7:31 pm
routes. it is not unusual for a mine to get more than one violation in a day. after all, it received 458 last year. but you can bet issues like this will come up in the just announced federal investigation into this disaster. meantime the obama administration has recently approved new environmental regulations that will change the way certain mining is done in west virginia and other parts of appalachian shah. the new rules are intended to cut pollution in our waters. critics argue the financial costs are way too high. molly henneberg with the news and new information from d.c. tonight. molly? >> hi, shep. coal companies dispute the science. but the environmental protection agency the e.p.a. says mountain top mine something causing too much water pollution. mountain top mining is the way to access close to the surface coal seems. involves blasting off the top of the mountain and putting excess dirt and rocks into a valley fill as it's called. the obama administration says water flowing through those valley fills gets polluted with
7:32 pm
salt and other contaminants. so the e.p.a. has announced much tougher standards for water quality in mountain top mining areas, effective immediately. environmentalists say it will lead to cleaner drinking water. some west virginiaens say it will cost jobs in tough economic times. >> let's don't penalize those people who are hard-working and have jobs and completely, completely handcuff an industry. >> we are a talented country, full of brilliant people who can solve these problems in a way that's a win for the environment and a win for the economy. >> e.p.a. administrator lisa jackson has said that, quote, very few valley fills are going to meet this new standard. shep? >> shepard: molly henneberg live in washington. molly, thanks. ♪ there may be a speed bump on the road to recovery. americans have once again cut back on their borrowing. that's according to the federal reserve, which reports borrowing fell by more than $11 billion in
7:33 pm
february. analysts predicted a slight increase. take a look at the trend over the past couple of years here. the feds say borrowing has fallen more than 5% from the summer of 2008, that means fewer americans are getting loans and putting money on their credit cards a red flag since, as we often point out here, consumer spending accounts for almost three quarters of all economic activity in this nation. james rosen live in d.c. tonight with more on this. james? >> shep, good evening, what these numbers don't tell us is if consumers are just borrowing less or paying down their existing debts more aggressively. probably a bit of both. let's check out some graphics wizardry. january marked the first time that we saw a rise in both term loans which include auto payments, home equity loans and resolving credit, that involves credit cards. you can see what happened in february. since the great recession began, americans have wisely been hoarding their cash with the average debt level as a share of total income steadily shrinking and only modest signs of life
7:34 pm
this year. consumer debt likely won't return to normal levels until the housing and jobs market improve. neither of those, according to the chairman of the federal reserve, is looking too good right now. >> the unemployment rate has edged off its recent peek but at 9.7%, it's still close to the highest level since the early 1980s. and although layoffs have eased in recent months, hiring remains very weak. >> numbers released today by the american bankers association showed consumers delinquency on their debt fell for the second quarter in a row. once again, analysts see widespread uncertainty over the future. >> we're starting to see slow incremental improvements in the economy. that's a good thing. however, the consumer is not going to come back right away. the consumer is still very skeptical of what is happening around them. the fact that they have been hurt the most by this economic crisis. >> tomorrow, new data on weekly first-time jobless claims, shep. >> shepard: james rosen in d.c.
7:35 pm
james, thanks. police have arrested two women after a beatdown on a bus. our top story on a fox trip across america. michigan. a passenger on that detroit city bus filmed the fight on his cell phone. listen to this. get off my bus. get off my bus. >> [bleep]. >> get off my bus. >> shepard: that went on for a while. then things really got violent. detroit's transportation director says the woman got upset after the driver picked one of them up but closed the door before the second one boarded. arizona. a swarm of bees attacking three construction workers who were helping take down an old sizzler restaurant in phoenix. a fire department captain says the workers were prepping the place for demolition when they encountered the hives. the bees making a move on one of the firefighters. one worker had to go to the hospital: illinois, university of illinois campus police
7:36 pm
showing off a new weapon on their cars in champaign. these things read license plates while both cars are in motion. we're told the machine can read more than 3,000 plates a minute. the cops say they can now check for stolen vehicles while they are out on patrol. and north of there in brookfield, illinois. a herd of giraffes at the zoo catches spring fever. zoo keepers finally letting the big guys outside after a long winter a youngster in the bunch got things going and then the rest took off after him. it was quite a sight for the crowd on hand as part of a fox watch across america. the former federal reserve chief alan greenspan today said he knows what caused the current economic mess. but he also claims to know what didn't cause it. and that's what has folks scratching heir heads this evening a live report coming up next. plus the obama administration reportedly making a dramatic shift in the way the white house
7:37 pm
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>> shepard: some big news broke after the close of the dow today. united airlines and u.s. airways are again considering a merger. one that would create the nation's second largest airline and help those companies cope with the industry's falling revenues. the "new york times" is reporting that the two airlines negotiating but won't reach a deal if they reach one for at least a few weeks. the companies first announced a 4.3 billion-dollar deal 10 years ago that fell through after strong criticism from unions and the justice department. the two tried again in 2008 but couldn't get it done. again, this news broke after the markets closed but u.s. airways shares went up 15% in after hours trading. united up 5% it looks like united is the leave in all of this. details as they come. the folks on capitol hill were literally in the dark today over
7:41 pm
america's economic crisis. members of a bipartisan panel looking into the cause of the meltdown were questioning the former fed chief alan greenspan well, when the power went out. check it. >> i think a lot of americans have questions. their -- >> shepard: this might be the preferred viewing posture actually. they opened the curtains and continued as greenspan explained how bad the credit freeze has been. >> this financial crisis is best i can judge is the most severe in history. it's not the same thing as saying that it's as severe economic crisis. great depression. but there is no examples that i have been able to find of a breakdown in short-term financial availability which is the critical issue. >> shepard: missed hearing all that around about stuff. greenspan insists he wasn't responsible for the problems. peter barnes is live in their
7:42 pm
newsroom in washington. greenspan says we shouldn't blame those risky subprime mortgages we have heard so much about. what do we blame, peter? >> well, shep, he says, sorry to use this again, congress is in the dark about the causes of the financial bubble that congress itself share as good part of the blame for what happened. >> we said we are running into a bubble and would have to start to refrench. congress you don't have a clue what you are talking about. having gone 18 and a half years before the congress, there was a lot of amnesia that is emerging currently. >> but panel members blasted greenspan saying he did not do enough to protect consumers during the bubble and he did not see it coming. >> shepard: shep tell us more about the commission that's looking into this. what are they hoping to accomplish? >> well, it's charged with looking into 22 different
7:43 pm
aspects of the financial crisis, including regulation, fraud, and lending practices. it has to file a report of its findings to congress by december 15th. but right now, shep, congress and the white house are pushing to get regulation reform legislation completed well before then so it's not clear what impact this commission and its report will have. >> shepard: peter barnes in washington tonight. peter, thanks. a deadly uprising in central asia. it could mean trouble for u.s. troops battling the taliban as fox reports tonight. antigovernment protesters in kyrgyzstan have stormed government buildings in the capital and they have clashed with police. the health minister says 40 people died and opposition members says that number is at least 100. kyrgyzstan share as border with china and was once a part of the soviet union. it's home to a u.s. air base that supports the war effort in afghanistan. one report that indicates kyrgyzstan's president flew out of the country earlier today
7:44 pm
there were words that the government might have been toppled. they weren't true we are told. we heard people left the presidential's family's house carrying clothes, dishes and carpets. as i mentioned according to another report an opposition leader says she will lead an interim government for six months. we're also hearing part of the country's border is now closed. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. kyrgyzstan. [gunfire] >> major unrest in the capital city. protesters reportedly angry over government corruption and hike in power rates. they are demanding the president step down. as you can see riot police out in force. many of the cops and demonstrators injured in the fighting. the former soviet republic public now houses the united states military base which is a key supply center in the fight against the taliban in nearby afghanistan. brazil. more than 100 people said to be dead after the heaviest rains in three decades triggered flooding and mud slides in rio de janeiro
7:45 pm
and in the surrounding area. the government's weather service predicts even more rain. rio, of course, is set to host the summer olympic games in 2016. iraq. hundreds of mourners holding funeral processions in baghdad for some of the more than 50 victims of the series of bombings on tuesday. at least seven explosions ripped through apartment buildings across the capital city. france. the country's so-called spiderman at it again. the climber tackling a 34-story office tower in paris. he is famous for scaling nearly 100 buildings worldwide, including the empire state building here in new york and the ifill tower in paris. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> your buddy bob barker would have something to say about this one. he always wants feel spay or
7:46 pm
neuter the animals. what if the animals aren't your animals? is it right for the city to start sterilizing the strays? there are lots of ways to think about this. certainly there is a controversy, we report you decide coming up. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older just don't feel like they used to. are you one of them? remember when you had more energy for 18 holes with your buddies? [ glass shatters ] more passion for the one you love? more fun with your family and friends? could be an easily treatable condition called low t.
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>> shepard: fox urgent the taliban released a video captured u.s. soldier. the u.s. media research institute says it obtained the video which appears to show private first class bo bigger doll. militants captured in afghanistan last june. you are looking at some of the frames of this tape. the policy of this network is not to show what could be a propaganda video. the seven minute video shows the hostage doing push juts and saying he wants to go home. we have no way to verify the video and no way to verify the date on which it was shot. the fbi arrested a man in
7:50 pm
northern california reportedly for threatening the house speaker nancy pelosi. we're told it appears the suspect's motive was to get the california democrat to reverse her support for the health care reform law. according to the feds, the suspect will be arraigned tomorrow. we're told he called nancy pelosi's homes in california and washington dozens of times and that he may have, in fact, spoken to the congresswoman personally. remember, just yesterday, police arrested a man for threatening to kill the washington senator patty murray over her support for the health care reform insurance law. cat watcher in los angeles where the question is should the city pay to help sterilize stray cats to keep them from making more stray cats? the society neutered cat would pose a danger to the birds. adam housley is live in dakota s angeles. -- fewer cats is good thing for the birds, no?
7:51 pm
>> no. that's right, shepard. you know, it's a real life sylvester vs. tweety situation here. the odd doe bon society says the cats win more than 1 million times in california. they filed a lawsuit against the city of los angeles because the city of los angeles was using taxpayer money to help a public -- i'm sorry a private company go out, catch these cats, sterilize them, then rerelease them in the streets and parks like this. as you might imagine, cat lovers weren't so happy with the lawsuit while bird lovers applaud it. >> well, the whole purpose is to help the homeless cat, is to get them in, get them spade and new temperatured and go back to their colony wherever that may be. >> basically a choice we have to makes a a society. do we want our natural areas to be haven for wildlife or do we want them to be areas where we bring in a lot of unnatural predators to kill them? >> now, shepard, while the society didn't outright endorse
7:52 pm
youthization of cats, they, in effect, did that by supporting this lawsuit, of course, which stopped the sterilization of cats, shepard. >> shepard: so where do things stand as we speak, adam. >> where they stand right now if you don't sterilize the cats they will multiply. at the same time the society and others out there saying when they capture these cats they will have to be put down. anyway you look at it people capturing themselves are not going to hand them over if they are going to be turned over to some place else. the private organization is doing it by themselves without taxpayer money and the battle continues here between cats and birds in california, shepard. >> shepard: and away we go. adam housley there in the park. adam, thank you. police in georgia say they have finished their investigation into a college student's claim that the pittsburgh steelers quarterback ben roethlisberger sexually assaulted her. so now the case is in the hands of the district attorney who will decide whether to file charges. last month that student accused big ben of assaulting her in a bathroom in a nightclub some 80 miles south and east of atlanta in a small college town where the nfl star has an off season home. his attorney says the
7:53 pm
quarterback is completely innocent of any crime. this is the second such claim against him in the past year. another woman sued roethlisberger claiming he had raped her at a hotel in lake tahoe. but she never filed a single criminal complaint and the prosecutors there did not file any charges. on the eve of tiger woods' highly anticipated return to golf at the masters, nike is releasing a brand will you commercial and the voice of his late father. the ugly sex scandal played out in public. here is part of the advertisement. >> i want to find out what your thinking was. i want to find out what your feelings are. and did you learn anything? >> shepard: the voice of earl woods tiger's father who died in 2006. meanwhile the chairman of augusta golf club today said woods disappointed everyone and will have to prove he has changed his ways. >> our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role
7:54 pm
model we sought for our children. i hope he now realizes that every kid he passes on the course wants his swing but would settle for his smile. >> shepard: tiger is scheduled to tee off tomorrow in the next to last group. he will join south korean golfer k.j. choi and the american matt kuchar. it will mark the first time tiger has played competitively in nearly five months. up next, a bear alert. on a man who has spent years living among the bears. he was even featured on a tv documentary. but now he is facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines. what he did that could cost him big. ♪ could open a world of wonder ? ♪ ♪ so sensory es
7:55 pm
ún [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used
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enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation. >> shepard: yes. a bear alert. and a man whose buddies with the bears is in a bit of trouble. >> stay back. come on.
7:58 pm
>> 3, 2. growling. >> shepard: is he 71. it's illegal to feed the wild bears. prosecutors say charlie has just pleaded guilty to eight counts of illegally feeding the animals. a judge expected to give him a suspended jail term and a fine. the bears will likely be sentenced to the trampoline. updating some of fox top stories tonight. serious news out of west virginia where rescuers in montcoal are claiming high levels of toxic gases are slowing attempts to search for the four missing miners. the associated press now reporting a recently retired toyota executive warned that automaker to come clean about safety problems five days before it announced a massive global recall in january. and president obama now on his
7:59 pm
way to europe for a nuclear arms reduction meeting with the president of russia. and on this day in 1970, film legend john wayne won his first and only academy award for his starring role in the classic western true grit. wayne was and still is one of the larger than life characters, american as apple pie. but he earned his place in hollywood the hard way by working his way up through the studio system to become a leading man. and he was tough as nails to boot. he also reportedly smoked up to six packs of cigarettes a day. six packs. and, in fact, in the mid 1960's, doctors removed his left lung because of cancer, but he kept acting all the same. the win that night often said to have been largely sentimental. but the duke took home an oscar, pilgrim, 40 years ago today. one oscar. i wouldn't have known that except it says it here in the teleprompter so i know it's true. now u

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